Bloodhounds are the oldest breed of sporting dogs which hunt by scent.

Established in 2012 as Yorkshire’s premier pack, Highmoor Bloodhounds promote and pursue the sport of hunting a human quarry – also known as the ‘clean boot’.

As the human quarry runs across the land, they leave a track on the soil, grass or plants over which they have passed. It is not this track which a hunting Bloodhound smells, but the air which has come into contact with them.

Highmoor Bloodhounds meet primarily between October and March in some of the best countryside Yorkshire and the North East has to offer.

Initially joining a fellow photographer at a meet back in 2015, phildavies:photo has been increasingly covering meets and events for Highmoor since 2016.  

This page will have links to images from the 2018-19 but we’ll get previous years online and available to purchase very soon


2018-2019 Season